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ALM INTERNATIONAL headquartered at New Delhi is a world leader in Human Resources solutions having its strong presence in all verticals. It has set a proven track record for bringing the right individuals to the right employment for the right organizations within a short span of time on the global basis. It is a matter of great privilege for us to be honored by the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1992 & 1994 as their exclusive agency in India to recruit 10,000 Nursing & Paramedical forces.

In our constant quest for excellence, the International Recruitment Division of ALM Group offering HR solutions has adopted best practices. Our vibrant augmentations have intensified the active operations across the Gulf, Middle East and countries for over three decades.

Our clients span across a number of industry sectors including Engineering, Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Bio-Tech, Banking and Finance, FMCG, Retailing and Hospitality besides a large section of Services. ALM connects think tanks with leading employers across multiple industries and disciplines.

Since inception, our business has become synonymous with exceptional levels of services. Our in-depth knowledge of the international market, a determination to be the number one and, above all, a proven track record of success justify that position in the slot. With our vast network of resources, extensive database, well-defined, methodical and strategic systems, scientific processes and initiatives, we have been successful in providing talented job seekers of the highest caliber to employers who only demand the best in their teams.

ALM International possess a team of experienced, dedicated and determines professionals with a vision to let our young Indians be a part of the world-class infrastructure, facilities, and lifestyle so as to enable them to emerge as marvels during their professional career.These professionals have the cutting edge advantage skills of networking and leadership to orient and rank their preferences among the top companies across the globe. ALM International has been facilitating the journey of professionals since two decades.

Mr. Alimuddin, Director, ALM International supplemented with the efforts of his team, aspires to touch the zenith. As per the opinion of Mr. Alim, "High-level competency is the key to achieving such a large base of happy & satisfied clientele".

ALM International works 24X7 to serve their mission of providing excellent recruitment services based on mutual interest of their clients and candidates. A scientific & streamlined selection process based on nationwide trade, professional tests, interviews & screening of human resources, give the opportunity to ALM International to deliver nothing but the best to their clients in the given time frame.


Today's global environment is changing at a rapid pace, driven by globalization and technology. These fundamental changes imply growth in the manpower industry and hence it is an exciting time for us. ALM is well prepared for these changes and has a plan in place that positions us for success and offers people more opportunities than ever before.

ALM has a proud history that reaches back for more than two decades and over this time we have forged our reputation based on quality, trust and integrity. This will not change. At ALM, we aim to provide candidates with top quality services with the help of our warm and energetic staff in a very welcoming setting. Our main objective is to provide an outstanding quality of candidates to MOH of Saudi Arabia. We aspire to help our candidates in the best possible manner to ensure they are satisfied with their lives abroad. The goal is to provide candidates with exceptional career value along with their learning and experiences.

Looking at the work we do at ALM and what motivates us, we take great pride in saying that everything we do is to ensure that our candidates receive the best employment positions possible. Every interaction, every placement helps our candidates accomplish their potential and to building an improved class of living.



We initiate the process by spending time with clients to understand their recruitment goals, position specifications, hiring processes and company culture. We pay emphasis on understanding the personality of the organization and concerned personnel. On an ongoing basis, we interview, pre-screen and technically evaluate candidates to build a ready database of suitable candidates. Our large resume databank is continually updated by sourcing CVs through advertisements and referrals.

  • We shall make a formal job offer to each candidate based on the terms and conditions of employment provided by you or your formal offer will be sent to candidates.
  • We shall obtain each candidate's acceptance of the job offer and send it to you.
  • Bacon
  • We shall review/scrutinize all certificates and documents.
  • We shall arrange their medical exams as per your requirement.
  • We shall get the documents attested.
  • We shall fax you a weekly processing report of each candidate.
  • We shall do the Air ticketing booking and pre-departure formalities.
  • We shall conduct orientation program prior to the departure.
  • We shall provide a personal folder to each of the candidates with the following documents.
  • A detailed CV.
  • Copies of all Certificates.
  • Job offer acceptance.
  • 10 Passport Photographs.



We focus on helping clients to solve recruitment & human resource problems. We transform their operations into performance and support them through implementing changes. We are committed to helping clients improve their business and economy. We achieve these goals that combine a broad knowledge of recruitment & human resource issues with a deep understanding of specific industries..


Our core area of operation is to prepare, motivate and training the candidate if necessary for world-class employers in all service industries. If you are interested in full "End to End" outsource solution for quality and neutral outsourcing, if you are looking for an exhaustive live resume bank, we filter according to your requirement and is constantly updated with current technology. We understand that to grow and succeed, you need the best and the brightest. We begin with an unbiased assessment of what your company needs and what it has to offer, candidates with superior talent.


The key to our consulting practice is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas. Our organized functional practices help us develop business knowledge and insights that create a critical mass of expertise to provide superior client service. We concentrate on these core-consulting domains to assist clients in value-added initiatives and business.